Friday, February 5, 2016

Mary and Martha Furnace
Friday Furnace Findings

Researching a paternal great grandmother, Jane Furnace born about 1860, to discover her parentage and additional information about her life.

Following sisters Mary and Martha Furnace, who were in the 1870 household of Alexander Furnace, has proved to be difficult. The sisters may be sisters to my great grandmother Jane Furnace.

Between the 1870 and 1880 census Martha had five children: Mariah b. 1868; Alexander (Ellic) b. 1870; Henry b. 1873: Amy b. 1876; and Hart T W b. 1879. They all used the Furnace surname in both census. The father of the children was not in the household and his birthplace was reported as Virginia for all the children in 1880.

A death record for R T Kennard named his parents as Edmond Kennard and Martha Furnace. He was born 1888, in Copiah County, died in Kentwood, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana in 1938.

Edmund Kennard was born about 1814. He lived in the same community with the Furnace family. He was a married man with children. He was followed through the 1900 census.

The 1870 census was the only one found for Mary. I searched for her children hoping to find them under a different surname in the household with Mary. The children were Wallace b. 1866, and George b. 1868.

The sisters and their children disappear from the records. They are likely using a different surname, missed or avoided the enumerators.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Richard Rembert Family

Eight years after the end of the Civil War, Richard Rembert was named as one of the trustees on a 1873 deed for the New Zion Baptist Church.

Richard and his family were the slaves of John Rembert in Copiah County, Mississippi, near Hazlehurst.

John Rembert was a prosperous slave owner who owned 62 slaves at the time of his death in Feb 1858. Those slaves were allotted to his children, less than a year after his death, in January 1859.

Richard and his family were in Lot 1. They went to John's daughter Amelia Rembert Grandberry. She was the wife of Benjamin F Grandberry who was also a slave owner.

Lot 1
Dick, Charlie, Alcinda and child (Cherry), Margaret, Fed, Posh, Jane, Klavia

The values placed on the individuals in lot 1 from John's 1858 inventory and appraisement listing were as follows: Dick $1400; Charlie $1400; Alainda and child Cherry $900: Margaret $300; Fed $300; Poash $1300; Jane $1100.

Richard and Alcinda legalized their marriage 10 Jul 1870.

The Rembert household of 1870 consisted of Richard, 45 - Cinda, 40 - Ann, 15 - Cherry, 14 - Fred, 13 - Cuff 43, and twenty years old James, all born in Mississippi. Cuff's age suggest he may be a brother to Richard or Cinda but more research is needed to confirm relationship. Cuff was also named on the inventory listing. No one in the household could read or write. By 1880, Richard and Cinda had one child living with them, 24 year old Fred and his wife Hannah, 19. Richard was 56 and Cinda hadn't aged, she was still 40. They farmed for a living.

Richard purchased land from E Millsaps in 1874 and the family farm was productive.

Richard and Alcinda disappeared from the 1900 census. Alcinda was found in 1910, a 72 year old widow, living alone. She lived next door to my great grandparents Washington and Mary Marshall in Copiah County. Alcinda shared with the census worker she had given birth to three children, one living. She also shared she could read and write. Alcinda died 11 Feb 1917.

How does the Rembert family connect to my family?
Fred Rembert, son of Richard and Alcinda, sold land to my great grandfather Washington Marshall.

Rembert Marriages (Copiah County, Mississippi)
Richard Rembert married Alcinda Rembert 10 July 1870
Maggie Rembert married Frank Calhoun 02 May 1872
Cherry Rembert married Henry Jackson 06 Sep 1872
Fred Rembert married Hannah Sinclair 30 Jul 1879

Additional Sources:
1880 Copiah County Agricultural Schedule
Copiah County Deed - Book 9 - Page 283

Monday, February 1, 2016

Deed for New Zion Baptist Church

The Indenture made and entered into this 18th day of August AD 1873 by and between David Bufkin and Susan P Bufkin, his wife, of the first part, and Richard Rembert, Andrew Watson and Jefford Campbell, Trustees of New Zion Baptist Church of the second part; all of the county of Copiah and the State of Mississippi.

Witnesseth: That the said parties of the first part for in consideration of the sum of five dollars to them in hand paid by the said parties of the second part, have this day granted, bargained and by these present, do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said parties of the second part and their successors in office, and assign all that certain tract of land lying and being situated in the County and State aforesaid. Know and described as follows to wit: Commencing at a point on the Three Notch Road Thirteen (13) chains South and Three (3) chains and Fifty (50) links West of the North East corner of the South East Quarter of the North East corner of Section Thirty five (35) Township Ten (10) Range Six (6) East ? thence West Five (5) chains; Thence South four (4) chains; Thence East Five (5) chains; thence north four (4) chains to beginning; containing by estimation two (2) acres more or less, To have and to hold the same together with all the rights and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining to the said parties of the second part their successors in office and assigned to fee simple forever.

In trust and confidence to and for the uses, intents and purposes hereinafter mentioned, namely: To have and to hold the monies herein conveyed for the sole and separate use and benefit of the said New Zion Baptist Church and the members thereof to be used, owned and enjoyed by them for the purpose of erecting thereon a church of worship, cemetery and any and all other necessary improvements that maybe beneficial or useful for said church or for any purpose connected therewith.

On testimony whereof the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year above written.

David Buffkin (seal_
Susan P Buffin (seal)

Note: The record was recorded in the Copiah County Courthouse October 22nd 1877.

How does this church connect to my family?
Maternal and paternal family were/are members of this church. It was the childhood church home of my mother

Record found at Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Microfilm Number: 8112
Book DD, Page 597
Image of Deed

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Furnace Findings
Alexander & Charlotte Furnace

Researching a paternal great grandmother, Jane Furnace born about 1860, to discover her parentage and additional information about her life.

Alexander and Charlotte Furnace (Furniss) are probably my Jane's parents or grandparents. They along with Jane were seen on the 1870 census, their only census. Alexander was born about 1810, Charlotte about 1820, both in Virginia.

Alexander was listed as a farmer. I searched the 1870 and 1880 agriculture schedules for Copiah County, Mississippi. Per the instructions for the schedules, a farmer was described as one man who owned or leased the land cultivated under his care. The microfilm copy of the schedule is so faded most of it is unreadable. I suspect Alexander leased his land, owned his tools and livestock because I could not find a deed proving he purchased land.

Alexander and Charlotte were not found on the 1880 census. They probably are deceased.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday
Dorcas Mae Coleman Thompson

How does she connect to my family?
Dorcas and I share a set of great grandparents,
Monroe and Mary Byrd Markham
We are second cousins. Dorcas lives in Mississippi.

Picture courtesy of Cory Broadnax

Monday, January 18, 2016

Soothing Hot Chocolate
on a Cold Night

Temperatures to drop in the 20s this January night. A cup of hot coffee, tea or chocolate is perfect for a cold Mississippi night.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Obituary
Preston Franklin Flowers
1875 - 1971

Funeral services for Preston Franklin Flowers, longtime teacher and principal in the Lincoln County Public Schools until his retirement, were held July 25 at 3p.m., from Ebenezer AME Church. The Rev Loxey Boarden officiated at the rites. Burial was in Ebenezer Cemetery.

A Native Lincoln Countian, Mr Franklin was the son of the late George and Martha Allen Flowers. He died Jul 20, 1971, in Brookhaven.

Mr Franklin joined Mt Pisgah Church at an early age and later moved his membership to Ebenezer AME Church where he served as a faithful trustee, steward, Sunday School teacher, superintendent and choir director.

He received his BA degree at Tuskegee Insititute in Alabama. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs Mildred F Williams of Detroit, Mich, three nieces, a nephew and other relatives and friends.

Active pallbearers were Frederick Collins, Levi Loyd, Sylvester Johnson, Ed Gooden, Luther Tillman, and John Henry Smith. Honorary pallbearers were R C Paige, Dr A L Lott, Lawrence L Prather, C O Tanner, A A Alexander, John Dow, T J Rance, and Jesse Buie.

Daily Leader - Jul 28, 1971 - Page 9
Brookhaven, MS

How does Preston Flowers connect to my family tree?
He taught many of my maternal relatives from Lincoln County, Mississippi.