Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday's Obituary
A Well Known Negro Passes Away

Eli Hilson, Sr., who had lived in Lincoln County for over 40 years and was a familiar figure to a great many of The Leader's readers, died at the home of his son in McComb City on Dec. 20th, at the advanced age of 92. Before the war Eli belonged to the Weathersbys, of Amite county, and was a faithful and trusted servant of his old master and his family. He raised five sons and five daughters in this county, all of whom survive him except Eli, Jr., who was murdered in Dec 1903. He was thrifty and industrious and up to a few years ago when he became enfeebled by age, always made a good living for himself and family and enjoyed the confidence and respect of his white neighbors. For the last four years, he lived with his children. The body was brought from McComb to Brookhaven and buried in the church yard at Mt Olive, near which the old man lived for so many years.

Eli Hilson's burial is at Greater Mount Olive MB Church of Brookhaven, MS.
Direct descendant Carolyn Betts is standing in front of church

Eli Hilson's grandson Stanhope Harris married maternal cousin Luella Markham.
Eli was born about 1820 in North Carolina per census records. He died Dec 20 1904.

Newspaper article from Brookhaven Leader, Jan 04, 1905, page 4.
Photograph is courtesy of Carolyn Betts.


  1. It's always good to find articles like this for documentation and information but they also give me the jitters.

  2. Article does contain great genealogy information for his descendants, and it is written in the tone and attitude of its day. I wonder what Eli would have thought of the article.

  3. Your comment wondering what Eli would have thought about the obituary is very thought-provoking.