Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Heart Necklace

For awhile in cousin Ludora Coleman Ball's life. daughter of Smylie Coleman and Joann Benson, the heart necklace was a favorite to wear. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see it around her neck, below the pin on her blouse. Ludora's cousin Elaine also has on the same necklace.

 Ludora Coleman,  Elijah "Puddin" Smith and Elijah's sister Elaine Smith


Ludora has on the same necklace in her high school graduation picture of 1946

Here she is again with her husband Mozell Ball and two daughters with the heart necklace.

Ludora Coleman Ball is my 2nd cousin. We share the same great grandparents Monroe Markham and Mary Byrd.


  1. She looks beautiful in all the photos. Is there a story about the necklace or did you just notice her wearing it over the years?

  2. She is beautiful and the necklace must have had special meaning to her. I have several heart charms that I enjoy wearing.