Monday, June 6, 2011

Amanuensis Monday
Assortment of Negroes

Take Notice
I WILL BE AT MY OLD STAND at the Forks of the Road, Natchez, on or before the first of November next, with an excellent assortment of
many of them fine Cotton Pickers, besides five Blacksmiths, two House Carpenters, one Cabinet workman (a splendid mechanic) and two No. 1 BRICK-LAYERS. The above Negroes have been carefully selected, and I will guarantee satisfaction to purchasers. R. H. Elam.
Free Trader and Woodville Republican copy one month, and forward account to R. H. Elam. o18-d :wif
The Natchez Daily Courier
November 6th 1855
Microfilm Number: 22503
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
I don't have documents proving that members of my families were purchased at the Forks of the Road Market but do have documents that they were purchased in Natchez, which was one of the towns the slave owning families conducted their business.

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