Friday, June 24, 2011

Afro and Puffs of the 70s

This photo was taken in the spring of 1973 on my high school campus. That is me in the afro puffs on the side of my head and friend Katie in the afro. We graduated in 1974 and many of us had afros for our graduation photos. I have notice that my children and their generation have their own versions of the afro.


  1. Go on with your bad selves. Love this Picture.

  2. Linda, I so agree with akellmurr72, I love this photo. Makes me try to remember (getting harder these days, eh??LOL) if there are not a few photos of me with my permed hair, somehow resembling your afros. LOL Obviously, I have not been brave enough to scan them yet, so, I cannot share! LOL

  3. wow! great puffs. did you have the rest of your hair straight and just leave the puffs undone or what?

  4. Akellmurr72, We did think we were bad, bad and beautiful.

    Carol, I would love to see your permed afro when you decide to be brave. I had a classmate in the 9th grade who had naturally curly hair that she did not like. During a class of sharing about our differences, the girls from her neighborhood used her hair to show us how they used a clothes iron, yes an iron, to straighten naturally curly hair.

    Kristin, Those puffs cost $9.99 for two. They were attached to the head by little combs. I wish I had a photo of my diva friends who wore one big one on top of the head.

  5. LOL. Linda, that's too funny. I had no idea! My kids had afro puffs but they grew them ;-D