Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Confederate Cemetery
Raymond, Mississippi

I live near a Confederate cemetery and have passed by many times, telling myself I will stop when time permits. My people are southerns, tried and true, born and bred southerns. This, too, is a part of my family's story. On Veteran's Day, I decided to visit.

The Confederate Cemetery in Raymond contains the graves of 140 Confederate soldiers who were killed during the battle of Raymond on 12 May 1863, or who died as a results of their wounds. Reading one of the markers, I learn that most of the men who died were from Tennessee and Texas. Union dead from the battle of Raymond were initially buried in the cemetery but later moved to the Vicksburg National Cemetery.

The Confederates failed to prevent the Federals from reaching the Southern Railroad and isolating Vicksburg from reinforcement and resupply. None of my ancestors or the people they knew were involved in the battle of Raymond. They would be in Vicksburg.

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