Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday
Amanda Miller Bell
of the Free Woods
circa 1863

Amanda Miller Bell born about 1827
Baby Mary Elizabeth Bell born about 1862

Amanda was a member of the Free Woods, Franklin County, MS, "an isolated farming community where people of three races are said to have intermarried and abolished slavery well before the Civil War."

Free Woods: 19th Century Community Unique in Area

Amanda is distantly related to Cousin Bettie McDaniel Neal.
Photograph courtesy of Anthony Neal, Sr.


  1. Interesting. She resembles my husbands grandmother who was from Mer Rouge, LA.

  2. So, I wonder if she was related to the James Miller Family of Gillsburg? James owned a huge plantation on the Tickfaw; his son, James Wyly, owned land in NW Amite County on the Homochitto. JW, Jr., started Freewoods with his Choctaw wife; it was continued by his daughter Clorie. I wonder how "Amanda" was related to them?

    1. I am the 3rd ggrandaughter of Chloe"Clorie" Miller. Amanda Miller was the daughter of Marcus L. Miller and Mary Gibson. He was the son of John Wyly Miller and we think,Mary Ann Smith or Mary Wear. Chloe's father's name was John Wyly Miller. The land John owned is called Freewoods.

    2. Hi not sure what generation I would be. But I just want to reach out to say hello.

  3. My Grandfather was from Freewoods.I was searching for info on the area. Would love to take my mom back there to see it. She hasn't been there since a little girl. I'm the grandson of Benjamin James Havard.