Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mary, Mary

Mary Markham
Daughter of James and Anna Markham
My 1st cousin once removed

The name Mary was ranked the number one name for infant girls born between 1900-1959 and it was popular in the 1800s. The Hebrew meaning of the name is rebellion. The full name Mary Markham is common on my tree. When the name Mary Markham comes up in conversation, we refer to them as Monroe's Mary or James' daughter. We distinguish them by their husband or father.

Born with the Name
Mary Ann Markham born 1850 - Daughter of James and Marilda Whitney Markham
Mary Viola Markham born 1868- Daughter of James and Jane McCray Markham
Mary I Markham born 1871 - Daughter of Alexander and Sally Smiley Markham
Mary Markham born 1882 - Daughter of Melvin Wooley and Alice Markham
Mary Jane Markham born 1884 - Daughter of Monroe and Mary Byrd Markham
Mary Markham born 1900 - Daughter of James and Anna Culver Markham
Mary Markham b about 1950 - Daughter of Samuel David Markham, Jr

Mary Jane Byrd Markham
My Great Grandmother

Married Name
Mary Jane Byrd born 1855 - Wife of Monroe Markham
Mary Lyons born 1868 - Wife of Grant Markham
Mary Howard born 1870 - Wife of William Markham
Mary L Thompson born 1901 - Wife of Samuel Markham
Mary White born about 1920 - Wife of Willie Markham
Mary Jacobs born 1922 - Wife of Robert Winfield Markham, Sr

Photographs courtesy of Allie Mae Markham Moncrief and the late Jessie Mae Markham.
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  1. We have a lot of Pearls in my family but most have it for a middle name which cuts way down on the confusion.

  2. I have never seen a picture like this. The one of you Great Grandmother Mary Jane. Was it drawn?

    1. I believe the picture is some type of drawing. I have a couple more from that era.