Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grant and Mary Lyons Markham
b. 1868

Grant Markham 1868-1947
Son of James Markham and Marilda Whitney

Mary Lyons 1868-1940
Daughter of John Lyons and Fannie

The couple's children were:
Addie, Susie, Lillie, Clara, Lucile, Rosa, Ora, Olian(Otis), and Bertrand.

How does the couple connect to my family?
Grant Markham was a brother to my great grandfather,
Monroe Markham.

Photograph Courtesy of Otis Markham, Jr
Direct Descendant of the Couple


  1. While talking to my friend and colleague, and one of our top grad students, I enjoyed sharing about the research you do and how much I have appreciated what I have learned from your work, and especially when you link or post to the original documents and photographs. Our grad student is interested in research using Photovoice, and I think of how the pictures you share create such opportunities to tell the stories.

    1. I had to google Photovoice because I hadn't heard of this interesting tool. "A picture is worth a thousand words."

      Thank you for sharing my family blog. I am learning from you as well.

    2. I also really enjoy the research you do. Since I was raised in a rural area, I enjoy learning about the history of rural locales (and just about life in general in rural places). Your research tells an important story that really needs to be told.

  2. Thank you, Sheryl. So many of us have memories of a rural community and it is important to tell those stories. Blogging makes it easier to share and explore.

  3. Miss Mary looks a bit peeved. I wonder if she was giving that look to somebody.

  4. Miss Mary probably had a long day and the last thing she wanted to do was take a picture.