Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Furnace Findings
Nathan Furnace

Celia Furnace Death Certificate, Nathan's Daughter

Researching the Ancestry of a Paternal 2nd Great Grandmother, Jane Furnace Overton

Nathan Furnace born about 1842, in Mississippi, is likely my 2nd great grandmother Jane Furnace Overton's brother. Nathan and family lived in Copiah County, Mississippi. Nathan was an adult in 1870, living in his own household with wife Susan Washington and their two children, Willie and Martha. The family lived two houses from Alexander and Charlotte Furnace, the couple I believe were Nathan and Jane's parents.

Between 1880 - 1900, Nathan and Susan added ten more children to the family: Isabella, Louisiana, Celia, Norman, Missie, Lovie, Precious, Elzie, Mary, and Margaret.

The 1910 census was the last one for Nathan and wife Susan. He was 65, she was 70. Living with them were their grandchildren, Melisa Jameson, Dessa Miller, E. J. Bufkin, and Willie B Bufkin.

Children's Marriages
Norman Furnace married Ella Leathers 06 Jan 1906. Isabel Jordan and Alice Grisby were named as mothers of two of Norman's children. They could also be wives although I did not find marriage records for them.
Missis Furnace married or had children with Clark Williams.
Precious/Press Furnace married Evaline English 23 Dec 1909
Albert "Lovey" Furnace married Hulda Dixon 21 Sep 1918

Children's Deaths
Ceila Furnace died in 1943, Hazlehurst, Copiah County, MS. She was a nurse.
Allen Furnace died in 1923, Hazlehurst, Copiah County, MS. He was a farmer.


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  2. Ken, Press might be Precious Furnace, son of Nathan Furnace and Susan Washington. The last record I found for Press was the 1910 census. If you wish, you may contact me at

    1. My mother, Darnis Harvey, often talked about "Uncle Presh." She always prounced it "Presh" which now I get it must have been short for "Precious."

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  6. OMG!!! Cecilia Furnace was my maternal grandmother,which means Nathan and Susan were my great-grandparents. My Mother's name was Darnis Lee Harvey(Lyons), Cecilia's daughter. My name is Delores Lyons, Darnis' daughter. My heart is overwhelmed right now to find this. Are there any pictures?

    1. Hi Delores, I am pleased you found me. This blog and my Ancestry DNA results have introduced me to other Furnace descendants, which I did not know. You or your mother is a DNA match to me. I look forward to communicating with you. LRudd @ aol dot com.