Sunday, January 10, 2021

Thank You Meredith Coleman Anding, Jr

Thank you for your contribution in demanding equql access to the public library system for African American citizens, in Mississippi. May you rest in peace.
Investigating the Tougaloo Nine

Meridith Coleman Anding, Jr., was the son of Meridith Coleman Anding, Sr., and Nellie Marshall. He was my mother's second cousin once removed.


  1. When we lived in Simpson county, we used to go to the main library in Jackson sometimes. So very thankful that the Tugaloo Nine forced the library to open for all of us.

    1. The main library was one of our favorites to visit. Thankful.

  2. I can't imagine denying any one access to a library, but I know this and many other terrible things were forbidden. Reading and having access to knowledge are invaluable. I'm thankful for those who worked so courageously - and still continue to do so.

  3. Yes, thankful for warriors of "good trouble."