Friday, March 25, 2011

Anding Family Bible Record
Slave Births

(Faded) was Born February 4th 1835
(Faded) was Born Nov 4th 1837
Samuel was Born October 20th 1841
Moses was Born August 10th 1843
Benjamin was Born 1846
Louden Trotter was Born May the 7, 1847

The Martin Alexander Anding family of Caseyville, then Copiah County, Mississippi, was a neighbor to the Buie family, slave owning family of members of my family. Descendants of Anding slaves married descendants of my family.

Martin's wife Mary Lambright was the owner of the family bible. Mary and others listed the births of the Anding family and at the bottom of a page, the slaves births were listed.

One of the babes listed, Samuel Anding aka Samuel Anderson, served with the 6th Regiment, Company I, during the Civil War. Samuel met Caroline Williams while in Natchez. The couple married after the War and raised a family in Jefferson County, near where Caroline was raised. Samuel died in 1916

Genealogy research has not revealed a connection between Samuel Anding and my ancestors.
Family Bible of Mary Lambright Anding
Information shared from Carolina Gale Lambright, collateral relative of Mary Lambright Anding.

Samuel Anding's Civil War Pension Records


  1. Interesting. Martin Anding is my ggggg grandfather. I am his ggggg great grandson. WAre you looking for anything else?

    1. Sorry, I just notice your message. If you have information concerning the slaves of the Anding family, I would appreciate the information. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Interesting stuff. I'm Martin's ggggg grandson, give or take a g. My father was Martin L Anding out of Natchez, MS.

  3. Hello, I do not know if we are family...I was sitting here with my 92 year young grandfather Gregory Anding who was born in Caseville, MS. I am seeking to learn about the Anding's that are from that area.

    1. Yes, we are family. I am related through Gregory's mother. Your Gregory is the son of Walter McDaniel Anding and Leontine Coleman. Leontine was the daughter of James Coleman and Mary Ann Markham.

      My great grandfather Monroe Markham and Mary Ann Markham Coleman were siblings.

  4. I am looking for information about this man's son, Martin, who died in February 1848 (spouse was Celeste Dunn). Do you have any records for Martin & Celeste's slave holdings? I would love to get a look. Thanks.

    1. Denise Griggs would like to contact you concerning the Anding family and their slaves. You may reach her at:

  5. I do not have any records concerning Martin and Celeste's slave holdings. Thank you for visiting my blog.