Friday, May 13, 2011

Progress School - 8th Grade Class - 1950s

Progress High School was located in Lincoln County, Mississippi, near the Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Seated: Fred Henry Roberts, Lillie Mae Truvillion, Donis Cain, Mary Louise Henderson, Emma Jean Littleton, Augustine Adams, Anita Doris Beard

Second Row: Dorothy Jean Robinson, Mary Frances McCall, Augustine Hunter, Sadie Mae Collins, Mary Bryant, J B Littleton, Elnore Merchant, Clara Mae Roundtree

Third Row: Lonnie B Shannon, Maxie Johnson, J E Robinson, James Edward Truvillion, John Robinson, Alford Lee Lloyd, Clarence Tillman, Jessie B Adams

Teacher: Mrs Sophie Paige. She was the mother of Roderick Paige, Secretary of Education under President George W Bush's administration.
Photograph Courtesy of Nathaniel Thomas
Thank you, Eddie Beard, for identifying the members of this class

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