Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Sisters

Juanita and Opal

I met the sisters in 2000 when I attended my aunt Annie Bell Shephard's funeral. They were cheerful, charming, and friendly. I understood why my aunt called them friends. The sisters are standing near the Enon Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan where the funeral was held.


  1. I looked for the church above on google maps but they would only show me an Aijalon Baptist Church on Beechwood (near to where my family used to live)but it was red brick. Where is this one located?

    1. Had to find copies of a couple of obituaries. Aijalon Baptist Church was located at 340 W Grand Blvd, Detroit.

      I made a mistake, the church in the above picture was Enon Baptist Church located at 6855 Vinewood, Detroit. Both churches was pastored by Dr Curtis C Williams.

  2. What a nice photo of the sisters! I can see why you enjoyed getting to know them.