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Henry "Jack" William Driggs

Jack's family members used the surnames Driggs and Griggs. Jack always used Driggs. He was the son of Gilbert Griggs & Martha Jane Godbold Roundtree, born about 1874 in Caseyville, Lincoln County, MS. Gilbert & Martha were never married. Jack was born during Gilbert marriage to his wife Emily.

Jack's siblings from his father side were: Cynthia, Emily, Easter, Mariah, Isom, Abram, Lavena, Claressa, and Boston Griggs.

From Jack's mother, his siblings were Mary Goodwin Howard, Emma, Pinkney, Ada, Annie/Annis, Rufus, Henderson, Laura, Louisa, Patsy Coleman Hooker, and Mittie.

He was employed as a hod carrier, which was a laborer employed in carrying supplies to bricklayers, stonemasons, cement finishers, or plasterers on the job.

Betty Blue was Jack's wife. The relationship produced one son, Leroy. Henry died September 14, 1862 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How does Jack connect to my family?
Jack's sister Patsy Coleman Hooker's daughter
Roxanne Smith married Alex Thomas.
Alex and Roxanne's daughter
Ida Mae Thomas married James Monroe Markham, my 1st cousin once removed.
Alex and Roxanne's daughter
Rosanna Thomas married Samuel David Markham, Sr., my granduncle.

Jack's sister Mary Goodwin Howard was a sister-in-law to my grandaunt
Alice Marshall Goodwin.

Picture and obituary provided by Christi Young

Patsy Coleman Hooker's Headstone
Double and Quadruple Cousins
Sickly Felix
James Monroe Markham
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