Friday, March 4, 2016

Barbara Funace
Friday Furnace Findings

Researching a paternal great grandmother, Jane Furnace born about 1860, to discover her parentage and additional information about her life.

Searching for my Furnace relatives has me scratching my head, where o where art thou. As of this date, I've found very little to document them or to prove relationships.

Barbara Furnace was different. I've been able to find her in most of the census records until she disappeared in 1930. I suspect Barbara was a sister to my great grandmother Jane Furnace. Barbara was born about 1853 in Mississippi. She was first seen in the 1870 census living with several other Furnace relatives including Alexander and Charlotte who may be her parents. She was 17 years old.

By 1880, she was living next door to Martha Furnace, a possible sister. Barbara had two children; nine year old Lawrence, and infant daughter Loeb. I didn't find the children on any educable children lists. Barbara is 25 years old.

Twenty years later, the children from Barbara 1880's household were no longer in her household and they were not found in the 1900 census. In the 1900 household were three additional children: Aria, 12; Kady, 7; Frank, 5. Barbara was listed a widow, 48 years old.

In 1910, Barbara (Bobbie) had three grandchildren living with her: Hattie Ebbs, 15; J B Dodds,5; Dodds, 2. Daughters Mettie Conley and Aria Rea, son-in-law Jack Rea were also living with her. Barbara was 51 years old.

Living in Barbara's 1920 household were her daughter Mettie Conley, 38, and two grandsons, Bob and Cal Conley. Barbara was 62 years old. This was her last census.

Albert Ebbs was named as the father of three of Barbara's children, Doshia, Aria and Mettie. He may be the father of all of Barbara's children. Albert lived near the Furnace families in Copiah County. Albert died 02 January 1929, in Copiah County, at the age of 85 years. Barbara's death record was not found.

Barbara's Daughters Marriages - Copiah County, Mississippi
Docia Ebbs b. 1873, married Henry Jeff Fair 26 Jan 1898
Mittie Ebbs, b 1890, married Willie Conley 29 Nov 1906
Aria Ebbs, b. 1894, married Jack Rea


  1. How mysterious - just enough details to keep you searching, right?

  2. I love how you meticulously research the census data and try to make these connections. I once looked up a few of my family on census, and it is hard work--often because there were so many mistakes. The census taker got the names wrong at times. And on a really unrelated note, I love the sound of the name "Mettie Conley." It sounds like the name of a book just waiting to be written.

    1. Some of my Furnace kin either died young or the census taker missed a few of them, another mistake by the census taker. The names of Barbara's daughters were not common for the area. I wonder how she came to name them Loeb, Doshia, Mettie, Aria.

  3. This post and other recent ones you've done using census records makes me want to dig deeper into census records for my family.

    1. Revisit your family in the census records, you learn something new every time you review your family in the records.

  4. I notice she only aged about 4 years between 1900 and 1910.