Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Banks Sisters
One Dozen

L to R: Arcola Banks Green, Viola Banks Hilliard, Leola Banks Tillman, Beatrice Banks Thomas, Olivia Banks Young, and Joy Banks Hayes

There were twelve Bank sisters: Mattie Mae, Arcola, Viola, Leola, Beatrice, Mary, Odessa, Olivia, twins Archie Mae and Jannie Mae, Annie Lee, and Joy, born between 1908-1934. They were the daughters of Archie and Jannie Scott Banks of Lincoln County, MS.

I wonder if the sisters were labeled by people outside of the family and family members. Was one known as the smart one, the skinny one, the pretty one, the fat one, the fast one, the ugly one, the quite one, the silly one, the sweet one, the bookish one, the whatever one?

The Banks sisters are maternal cousins.
Photograph Courtesy of Nathaniel Thomas.

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