Monday, February 11, 2013

Amanuensis Monday
Tax Receipt for Tenant Farmers

This is a tax receipt from Prentiss and Jane Buie in Caseyville, Lincoln County, Mississippi, of the men who were tenant farmers on their land. Most of the men listed were enslaved by the Buie family. The receipt was found in the personal papers of the Buie family. A date was not shown nor what the numbers next to the name means. The only explanation given was that this was a tax receipt. It was written before 1906, the year Jane Buie died.

This list handed in by Prentiss Buie
P Buie 237
Mrs Jane Buie 238
W H Gibbs 1047
Terry Brewer 392
Joe Buie 391
Cary Henderson not found
Davis Henderson not found
Munroe Marcum 1812
Henry Isrell 1331
Calvin Johnson 1437
David Harrison not found

Prentiss Buie's family was the last slave owner of my great grandfather Monroe Markham. Jane was Prentiss' mother.
William Gibbs was a slave of Daniel Buie, Prentiss' uncle. William's wife Martha was the mother of Newton Markham, a son of my 2nd great grandfather James Markham.
Terry Brewer was the slave of David Buie, Prentiss' father. Terry married Violet Markham, my 2nd grandaunt.
Joe Buie was a slave of John Buie, Prentiss' uncle.
Cary and Davis Henderson were brothers. Cary married my 2nd grandaunt Viola Buie. It is likely they were the slaves of David Buie.
Monroe Markham was my great grandfather. He was the slave of David and Prentiss Buie.
Henry Israel was the slave of David Buie, Prentiss' father.
Calvin Johnson and David Harrison were likely slaves of David Buie.

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