Monday, April 13, 2015

Who'd Thought It Church

Who'd Thought It Church, yes, that was the name of the church. When I saw the name written on death certificates, I thought sure someone had drunk too much corn whiskey when the name of the church cemetery was recorded.

Speaking with a descendant of those buried in the church cemetery, she confirmed that this was indeed the name of the church in its earliest history. It is speculated the people in the community was surprised the Negroes had organized a church, thus the name, Who'd Thought It Church.

Gallman Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is the current name of the church. It is located in Gallman, Copiah County, Mississippi. Family members currently attend the church.

Photographs Courtesy of Gabriel Harvey


  1. We used to say "Who'd a thunk it?" I'm glad that wasn't the name of the church. I would have thought there was some mistake too.

    1. The original name may be Who'd A Thunk It Church. I chose to record the name the way it was written on the death certificates.

  2. Hmm, I think the original name would be a great marketing strategy in today's world! Wonder if it worked for them?

  3. My great grandfather was Horace Coleman. He was from Hazel Hurst, MS.Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated in locating family history. I think I may have found his parents: Robert and Charlotte Jackson Coleman.. I would love to speak with you. Oh, your posts are very informative.