Sunday, October 4, 2020

Reduction of Personal Assessment

The mantle in the picture was originally a piano owned by my great grandfather Monroe Markham. Was this the organ that was taxed too much in the newspaper article below? I can imagine he was upset when he learned of his tax bill and knew it was incorrect. 

The type of personal property that was taxable changed frequently over time. During Monroe's lifetime, he too was a taxable item because he born into slavery. Some other taxable items were livestock, horses, carriages, musical instruments, watches, jewelry, guns, clocks, etc.

Upon motion duly seconded it is hereby ordered by the Board that the assessment of Monroe Markham of 1 organ assessed at $200 be and the same is hereby reduced to $20 on account of clerical error, and that the Tax Collector be given credit with the amount of said reduction.


The Semi-Weekly Leader, Dec 11, 1915
Brookhaven, Mississippi