Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Granddaughter

Jory with big brother Jace and dad Jarret
Jory with mom Joy

For the Lord is good;
his mercy is everlasting;
and his truth endureth to all generations
Psalms 100:5

Friday, May 26, 2017

Mary Markham Lively

Mary was a member of the Order of Eastern Star in Chicago. Here she is at one of the organization's events.

How does Mary connect to my family?
Mary was the daughter of James Markham and Anna Culver.
James and my grandmother, Alice Markham Marshall, were siblings.

The photograph is courtesy of Marianne Culver.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Monroe's Children
James Markham - Child 1

My great grandparents Monroe and Mary Byrd Markham had a total of 17 children, who were born between 1872 thru 1903. Here is a sketch of the life of their first child, James Markham

James was born 12 Nov 1872, in Caseyville, Lincoln County, Mississippi. His parents had been free for almost eight years. Reconstruction was nearing an end and Ulysses S. Grant was President. His parents were living on the Prentiss Buie's place, the same land where his father had been enslaved.

Both of the grandfathers were named James, the likely reason for the first born son's name.

He was known as a well to do Negro. He was a farmer and preacher who owned his own land and was self-sufficient. He was described as a tall, dark, slender man.

James was first documented on the 1880 census, first seen as an eight-year-old in the household of his parents Monroe, Mary, and three siblings. He was in school and is named on the 1885 and 1892 educable children lists.

Anna Culver Markham
He married Anna/Annie Culver in 1895 when he was 17 years of age. She was the daughter of Daniel W. Culver and Margaret Ross. Together the couple had 2 sons and 5 daughters. Census records indicate that James, his wife, and children were all literate.

He was last seen in the 1930 census, 50 years old, the only man in a household of women. Anna was 54 years old, and daughters Bessie, Elizabeth, Theodosia, Alberta and granddaughter Earline were in the home. James' son Asirah was deceased. The oldest daughter Mary was living in Chicago with her brother James Monroe. Both had good jobs, James was a Pullman Porter and Mary was a beauty culturist.

James died in 1936 of pernicious anemia. This type of anemia occurs when the body can’t absorb enough vitamin B-12, which is needed to make healthy red blood cells. His wife Anna remained in Caseyville.

By 1940, The widowed Anna was the head of the household which included her daughter Elizabeth, and brother Memphis Humphreys. All the other children were married, living in or near Chicago. Elizabeth would go to be with her siblings after her mother's death in 1952.

James and Anna's children were:

James Monroe Markham, 1897-1985
He married Ida May Thomas and Mildred Weathersby. He lived in Chicago and was a Pullman Porter. He had two children, Earline and Felix James.
Mary 1900-1985
She married Wallace Young and Jay Livey. Mary was a beautician. She did not have children.
Asirah 1905-1923
He died tragically of an accidental self inflicted gunshot wound. He did not have children.

Bessie 1906-1996
Bessie married Earnest L Holloway. Their children were Edith Mae, Annie Pearl and Mary L.

Elizabeth 1908-1989
She did not marry nor had children.

Theodosia 1912-1960
She married Tolson Culver. Their children were Samuel McThay, James Oliver, Patricia Ann, John Douglas, and David M.

Alberta Markham 1913-2006
She married Joseph McCrory. Their children were Mary, Odia, Otis, Osizy, Robert, Olivia, and Lois.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Unwritten Law is Negro's Defense

Early Morning Tragedy on Union St. - Irate Husband Kills Darktown Lothario

Bob or Robert Barnes, 23-year-old negro, was shot and killed by Leslie Guyzer, negro, over 35, when Guyzer, a fireman at the local power plant, discovered him in Guyzer's home on Union Street, early this morning. After killing Barnes, Guyzer sent his son to tell Chief of Police J. H. Case that he had "killed a fellow out there, and wanted to give up."

(unreadable)., when the boy delivered the message. Chief Case found the body lying partly on the street and partly in the yard where Barnes is said to have run after being shot in a room of the dwelling and leaping through a window. The weapon used was a shotgun and a single charge of buckshot was fired. Guyzer's wife had disappeared and only Guyzer and the two boys were there when the officer arrived.

Guyzer's family troubles had been reported by him to both the chief and Sheriff Grice within the past 30 days. At one time his wife had left him and gone to Hattiesburg but there had been by reconciliation and Guyzer had expected never to see Barnes on his premises again.

Chief Case turned the prisoner over to Sheriff Grice.

Guyzer was lodged in jail and will probably have a preliminary hearing before Justice J. E. Barrim Monday.

What is a Lothario? According to the Urban Dictionary, in the play "The Fair Penitent" (1703), by Nicholas Rowe, Lothario is the character that seduces and betrays Calista. In today's language, a Lothario would be a player, ladies' man or womanizer.

Robert was the son of Robert Barnes, Sr., and Carrie Markham, born in 1905, in Lincoln County, Mississippi. He married Idella Howell in 1922, in Lincoln County, Mississippi. He died from a gunshot wound 5 Jun 1925.

Robert Barnes Compensated $30 from Illinois Central Railroad

How is Robert connected to my family?
Robert's mother Carrie Markham was the daughter of Newton Markham and Jane McCoy.
Newton and my great-grandfather, Monroe Markham, were brothers.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Robert Barnes Compensated $30 from Illinois Central Railroad

Did Robert Barnes scrape his elbow, lose an eye, suffered broken bones when he was injured by an Illinois Central Railcar. The chancery court records do not give details to Robert's injuries. His mother was required to petition the court on the behalf of her nine-years-old minor son to receive the compensation.

Robert was born about 1905 in Lincoln County, Mississippi, to Robert Barnes, Sr., and Carrie Markham. He was nine years old when he was awarded his $30 settlement. Six-years-old Robert is seen in the 1900 census household with his mother, maternal aunts and cousins. He was seen again in 1920 with his mother, siblings, and cousins, the last census Robert would be found. He was a delivery boy and was not literate.

How is Robert connected to my family?
Robert's mother Carrie Markham was the daughter of Newton Markham and Jane McCoy.
Newton and my great-grandfather, Monroe Markham, were brothers.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Miss Bobby Socks

This photograph was made for Robert Dixon June 8, 1946, somewhere in Lincoln County, Mississippi, or a surrounding county. The lady is unknown to me.

Photograph Courtesy of
Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library
100 S. Jackson St
Brookhaven, MS 39601

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Obituary of Mrs. Martina Barton

Services for Mrs. Martina Barton, 92, retired teacher in the Brookhaven and Lincoln County public schools, will be held Friday at 2:30 p.m. from Bethel AME Church. Rev. Stanley J. Carter will officiate at the services. A wake will be observed at the church Thursday from 7 p.m. Williams Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.

Mrs. Barton died Oct. 10 in King's Daughters Hospital. She was a native of New Orleans and had been a long time resident of Brookhaven. Mrs. Barton attended the public schools in New Orleans, New Orleans University, and Strait College and later attended Jackson State University. She had retired from the teaching profession 22 years ago. She was a member of Bethel AME Church and at the time of her death was an honorary member of the board of Stewards.

Mrs. Barton was preceded in death by her husband, Sam Lee Barton, and four children. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Mary Dickey, Brookhaven and Mrs. Evelyn Barnes, New Orleans; a son, Ernest Barton, New Orleans; three grandchildren, Mrs. Rita D. Lewis, Brookhaven, Dr. Audette Patternson, New Orleans, Mrs. Rose M. Brooks, Chicago. She is also survived by six great-grandchildren, five great-great-grandchildren, a host of nieces and nephews and other relatives.

Samuel Barton married Martina Jones 27 Jun 1903, in Lincoln County, Mississippi. The couple's children per the census records were: Bertran, Sam, Jr., Amile, Lionel, Evelyn, Ernest, and Mary. Martina Jones Barton was born 25 Oct 1889 in Louisiana, died 10 Oct 1981. Sam died in 1960. Both were buried in the Carver Heights Cemetery in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

Sam nor Martina are related to me. They were members of the same church, Bethel AME Church, my Markham family members attended.

Martina is pictured in a photo here - The Ladies of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Daily Leader Oct 14 1981
Photograph from Find A Grave

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chef Jace Stiring up a Batch of Pancakes

Chef Jace loves pancakes and scrambled eggs so he helps to stir a batch of pancakes in his kitchen.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Alice's Notification of Birth Registration

Alice Durr Dent

The Notification of Birth Registration form was issued by the United States Census Bureau. The U.S. Census Bureau designed this form in 1924, at the request of various state vital statistics offices, to promote the accurate registration of births in the United States. The notification was completed and sent to parents of newborns when the state office of vital records received information on the birth and made up a birth registration record. If parents found errors in the information shown on the form, they were asked to correct them and return the form so the state's record could be corrected accordingly. The notification was used until the late 1940s and then discontinued once states were keeping satisfactory birth records. The U.S. Census Bureau does not maintain these records. Certified copies of birth records must be obtained from the vital statistics office where the event occurred.
United States Census Bureau - Open Government

How does Alice connect to my family tree?
Alice was my dad's sister

Friday, March 3, 2017

DNA Connection
Friday Furnace Findings

Researching a paternal great grandmother, Jane Furnace born about 1860, to discover her parentage and additional information about her life.

For awhile, I have been looking at a Furnace family I believe are my 2nd great grandmother's family. Jane Furnace is named in the 1870 census of Copiah County, Mississippi, living in a household of Furnace folk who I believe to be Jane's siblings. Next door to them is a couple, Alexander and Charlotte, I believe are Jane's parents or grandparents. On the same page is a Nathan Furnace and his family. The 1870 census does not list relationships and Jane does not appear in any other census records. DNA tests have proven I share DNA with a descendant of Nathan's.

Ancestry DNA test declared I am an extremely high confidence with IJFurnace. We are estimated to be between 4th and 6th cousins. The paper trail has our relationship as 3rd cousins if Jane is a daughter of Alexander Furnace. We would share 2nd great grandparent(s), Alexander and or Charlotte Furnace. IJFurnace is a descendant of Nathan Furnace.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Ladies of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

First Row: Ms. Pinkie Wilson, Mrs. Gladys Winston, Mrs. Addie Mae Cameron Tillman, Mrs. Edna Pinkney, Mrs. Durr (my paternal cousin's wife), Mrs. Frances Stanton, and Mrs. Beatrice Markham Johnson (my maternal grand aunt).

Second Row: Mrs. Lisann Durr Roundtree (my paternal cousin), Mrs. Beulah Ann Williams, Mrs. Lula Mae Thomas, Mrs. Annie Mae Manson, Mrs. Martina Barton, Mrs. Willie Mae Thomas, and Mrs. Emma Jane Winston.

Third Row: Ms. Cora Bell Benson and Mrs. Edith Lee Washington

"This is a photo of the Women's Missionary Society of Bethel AME Church. The photo was taken for a Souvenir Journal to host the 1968 Annual Conference of the Mississippi Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church." Dexter Holloway

The church is located in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

Photo Courtsey of Dexter Holloway

Monday, February 13, 2017

Obituary of Ivy James Furnace

How does Ivy James Furnace connect to my family tree?
Ivy James' grandfather Nathan Furnace, and my great grandmother Jane Furnace Overton were likely siblings.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Furnace Findings
Nathan Furnace

Celia Furnace Death Certificate, Nathan's Daughter

Researching the Ancestry of a Paternal 2nd Great Grandmother, Jane Furnace Overton

Nathan Furnace born about 1842, in Mississippi, is likely my 2nd great grandmother Jane Furnace Overton's brother. Nathan and family lived in Copiah County, Mississippi. Nathan was an adult in 1870, living in his own household with wife Susan Washington and their two children, Willie and Martha. The family lived two houses from Alexander and Charlotte Furnace, the couple I believe were Nathan and Jane's parents.

Between 1880 - 1900, Nathan and Susan added ten more children to the family: Isabella, Louisiana, Celia, Norman, Missie, Lovie, Precious, Elzie, Mary, and Margaret.

The 1910 census was the last one for Nathan and wife Susan. He was 65, she was 70. Living with them were their grandchildren, Melisa Jameson, Dessa Miller, E. J. Bufkin, and Willie B Bufkin.

Children's Marriages
Norman Furnace married Ella Leathers 06 Jan 1906. Isabel Jordan and Alice Grisby were named as mothers of two of Norman's children. They could also be wives although I did not find marriage records for them.
Missis Furnace married or had children with Clark Williams.
Precious/Press Furnace married Evaline English 23 Dec 1909
Albert "Lovey" Furnace married Hulda Dixon 21 Sep 1918

Children's Deaths
Ceila Furnace died in 1943, Hazlehurst, Copiah County, MS. She was a nurse.
Allen Furnace died in 1923, Hazlehurst, Copiah County, MS. He was a farmer.