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Monroe's Children
Eudora Markham Coleman - Child 4
1877 - 1948

Henry and Eudora

Finally, Monroe and his wife Mary were blessed with a daughter after three boys. She was born in the winter of January 1877, in the Caseyville village of Lincoln County. Eudora was not seen on the 1880 census but her birth year is consistent in the census and other records. The educable children's lists for 1885 and 1892 has Eudora as 8 years and 14 years, respectfully.

Eudora married Henry Coleman on 16 Dec 1896, in Lincoln County, MS. They were successful farmers on the land they purchased in Copiah County, MS, and were inspirational community leaders. After taking care of her family, Dora would sit in the evenings teaching her husband how to read. Henry's goal was to be able to read God's word. He would become successful in the ministry becoming a pastor at the family's church, Galilee AME Church in Caseyville, MS.

Dora was called Sister Dora by several of her younger siblings. Dora and Henry had 15 children, coming close to the 17 children Dora's mother gave birth to. Dora and her mother would both give birth to children in the same years. Dora died on 27 Sep 1948 in Brookhaven, MS.

Eudora and Henry's Children were:

1)Smylie Arthur (1897-1991) married Joanna Benson.
Children born to this union were: Ada, Ludora, daniel, Dorothy, Dorcas, Jurlean, Roosevelt, Smylie Jr, Elmer, and Willie.

2)Nellie Mae (1899-1978) married Mr Williams

3)Clara Jane (1900-1995) married Samuel Oatis and David Tyler. No children were born to these unions.

4)Emmitt Guster (1901-1976) married Estella Williams.
Their children were Ruby, Hazel,, Booker T, Ethel, Ollie, James, and Ora.

5)Grover Cleveland (1903-1965) married Amanda Brooks and Ollie Justice Bell.
Grover and Amanda's children were: Johnnie Mae, Earnestine, and Margaret.

6)James Edward (1904-1981) married Laura Brooks.

7)Henry Webb (1906-1992) married Mattie Lee Baker and Ethel Myers.
Henry and Mattie's children were: Allie, Edith, Dewitt, Brunetta, Clara, Ina, and Leroy.
Henry and Ethel's child was Ethel.

8)Anderson (1908-?)

9)Albert B 1909-?)

10)Dorcus Ethel(1910-2000) married Ulysses Williams.
Their children were Theodora, Leatha, and Jeanette.

11)Gladys (1912-1981) married Johnny Hughes, Jr.

12)Lewis Larry (1915-1976)

13)Ira Bryant (1916-1956)

14)Stillborn Female (1918-1918)

15)Woodrow Wilson (1919-2010) married Odessa Tucker.
Their children were: Maggie, Woodrow Jr, Degina, Dorothy, Walter, Mattie, Ann, and Delois.