Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Nite on the Town

We all need a space to relax away the responsibilities of a work week.

1950's Chicago Style with Cousin Sarah Green in the middle.

Dressed for a Chicago night on the town with Cousin Willie Scott and his date.


  1. A real night on the town. I have a few photos of uncles and cousins out for a night on the town. Somewhere.

  2. What happened to dressing up for a night on the town - or for going just about anywhere? Love these pictures!

  3. In the 60s, we had a "juke joint" night club near our house. I loved watching the people, usually on Friday and Saturday nights, going to the Big House. The women's hair would be freshly pressed and curled and the men dressed in suits with nice ties. When the wind was just right, I could smell their cologne.

  4. That sounds like something I would have done. People watching was a favorite pastime of mine.