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Madness Monday - Killed His Sister - Part Three

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My primary research goal for this family was to find the names of the family in the 1918 newspaper article. Once the true surname was found, finding the family’s documents became easier and the goal of learning their names was accomplished. Finding the documents still leaves me wanting more, the whys, the what ifs, and the wheres. I would like to know why Luther is not found in the 1920 and 1930 census. Did he move, did he avoid the enumerator, did he die? Why the family is not seen as an intact family in the census records? Were things falling apart before the daughter's death? Did the family reunite after the grandmother’s death? Did healing occur within the family?

Hopefully, I will meet with descendants of this family and we can talk of our common ancestry.

Timeline for the Family
Luther Coleman married Eddie Roberts 24 Dec 1905 in Lincoln County, MS.

First child Lula Mae Coleman born 08 Nov 1906
Second child T. C. “Boommie” Coleman born 1908

A 1910 census record for the family was not found.

Third child George Coleman born 01 Jan 1911
Fourth child S. A. Coleman b. 1913
Fifth child Amy V. Coleman b. 20 Sep 1915
Sixth child Willie Coleman b. 18 Jan 1918

The family lost two children in 1918.
Willie Coleman died 19 Jan 1918, premature birth.
S. A. Coleman murdered by brother 21 July 1918.

Luther Coleman, father of the children, registered for WW1, 12 Sep 1918. He named his mother Amie Coleman as his nearest relative, not his wife.

1920 Census – Eddie Coleman, mother of the children, is living with her mother Sallie Smith, and their father Luther was not found. Children, T. C., Lula and George were living with their paternal grandmother Amie Markham Coleman.

The 1920 census was recorded 04 February 1920. Amy Coleman, the children’s grandmother died one month later on 04 Mar 1920.

1930 Census - Eddie Roberts is living in Lincoln County with two of her daughters, Lula, 19, and Amy, 13.

Per their obituaries, all the children with the exception of George who moved to Texas remained in Lincoln County, MS.


  1. Would like to contact Nathaniel. I am the granddaughter of Cupid Parker Coleman of Brookhaven Ms. Born 1881.

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