Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sickly Felix

Felix James Markham died one day after his 11th birthday per his death certificate. Cousins declare he was 14. He was born with heart disease. The family thought his mother Ida was overly protective, she wouldn't allow the boy to run and play with the other children. He needed fresh air and plenty of sunshine, treat him like any other child was the advice given. After all, the family had seen children born sickly, survive and thrive.

Ida Thomas married my mother's 1st cousin, James Monroe Markham. Ida had one documented stillborn birth before Felix was born. The gossip between the gate posts is that she had several miscarriages, which made her mentally unstable.

Felix was born Feb 14 1919 in rural Lincoln County, MS. His sister Earline followed in 1920. There would be no more children born to this family. Ida died in 1922 due to anemia from pregnancy.

The children's father, James Monroe, moved to Chicago and eventually became a Pullman porter. Earline and Felix remained with their paternal grandparents, James and Anna Markham in Caseyville, MS. Felix developed pneumonia in the winter of 1930, his diseased heart failed. He died February 15, 1930, in his grandparent's home.