Monday, January 23, 2012

Double and Quadruple Cousins

Many people from small town USA with a long history in an area discover they are related on more than one branch of their family trees, which is the way it is with many of my cousins from Caseyville, MS. The Coleman, Markham, Scott and Thomas families intermarried.

Jessie Mae Markham and Nathaniel Thomas are double related. They are half 1st cousins and half second cousins once removed.

They share a common grandfather, Alex Thomas born about 1872, which makes them half first cousins. Alex had two wives; Louizer Coleman who is Nate's grandmother, and Roxanne Smith who is Jessie Mae's grandmother.

James Markham b. 1831, is Jessie Mae's great grandfather, and he is Nathaniel's 2nd great grandfather. James' wife Marilda Whitney is Jessie Mae's great grandmother; James' wife Jane McCray is Nathaniel's 2nd great grandmother. This connection makes them half second cousins once removed.

Felix James Markham is double related to Jessie Mae through their Markham and Thomas lines. Felix is a half 1st cousin and a 1st cousin once removed.

Nathaniel is quadruple related to Felix through their Coleman (twice), Markham and Thomas lines. Felix is a half 1st cousin, half 3rd cousin, 3rd cousin once removed, and half 4th cousin to Nathaniel.

Whew! Thank you familytreemaker.


  1. Wow, that was a lot to get out and to keep straight. Much credit to you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow. I do have cousins who's children are double second cousins which I think makes them as related as 1st cousins. And we don't even live in a small town!

    1. They would have more DNA in common so I suppose that would make them have a closer kinship.