Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Update - Quarles Ladies

A family researcher from Tennessee contacted me about this photo. She is doing research for a member of this family and was delighted to have found the photo. I was informed that the occasion for the photo was to have a photo taken of the five generations of women.

Seated Ella King Jones
Child, Phyllis Qualls, Ella's 2nd Great Grandaughter
Rubinetta Qualls Short, Mother to Phyllis, Ella's Great Granddaughter
Beatrice White Qualls, Mother to Rubinetta, Ella's Granddaughter
Alberta Jones White, Mother to Beatrice, Ella's daughter

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  1. What a wonderful picture! Just imagine the family history this group of ladies could share! - Cheri

  2. What a wonderful picture! Multi-generational photos are so special.