Monday, August 6, 2012

Amanuensis Monday
John T Demyers' Will

I, J T Demyers, a resident of the county of Copiah, Sate of Mississippi, being of legal and of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and declare this to be my last will and Testament, revoking any and all others heretofore made by me.

Item 1st. I direct that any and all legal & just debts be paid out of any money that I may have on hand on hand at the time of my death which I want paid as soon after my death as possible without any inconvenience to the executor, which I expect to name in this my last Will.

Item 2. I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Virginia all of my property both real and personal, including all the money if any I should have at the time of my death, after the fulfillment of Item 1st of this my Last Will. It being understood that this property shall only be given to my said wife for her life.

Item 3rd. I will and bequeath that at the death of my said wife Virginia that what property then left of my estate both real and personal shall go to my son, Isah(sp) Demyers, Hillard Williams, who is my nephew, who has been with me many years and served me as a son, and to my two grandchildren Mangold Lee and Meredith Lee, being the sons of my daughter Mandy Lee who is dead who I want to have a one third interest in any and all of my estate after the death of my wife Virginia and the other two-thirds value of my estate shall be divided equally between my son Isah(sp) and my nephew Hillard if they be living and if they or either of them be dead, then their part if any shall go to their legal heirs.

Item 4th. After having fully explained my wishes in the above items of this my last Will and testament as to the disposition of my estate at my death, and that part of any that should be left at the death of my wife Virginia, who is to have the use & management of what estate that I may leave with the full power to mortgage or sell if she should need to do so, or should see fit to so do, by naming and appointing as the Executor of this my last will Mr T. H. Millsaps of Brown Wells who has always proven to be one of my best friends and a man that I have all confidence in as a man.

And it is my wishes that he be allowed to serve without being required to give bond.

Item 5th. After having heard this my last will read, and being the will that I have directed without any influence from any one and being made as to my feeling as the best interest for those who I have made beneficiaries in this my last will I hereto sign my signature.

This the 3rd day of Dec 1909.

J. T. his x mark Demyers

Having been asked by J. T. Demyers to sign this instrument which purports to be his last will and testament & having seen him sign same after hearing it read, we and each of us in the presence of each other & in the presence of J. T. Demyers hereto sign out names as witnesses to the signatures made by him to this instrument.

This the 3rd day of Dec. 1909 A.D.

Frank Glancy
H. E. Kilpatrick
J. C. Dodds

Wills of Copiah County, Mississippi
Book A, Page 257
Microfilm Number: 8351

John T Demyers was my 2nd great grandmother Alice Demyers Overton Usher's brother.

John T Demyers was born about 1839 to Tom and Peggie Demyers in Copiah County, MS. He was husband to Virginia Taylor/Williams; father to Isaiah, John, Jr., Amanda, Dora, Henry and Willie. John T had a relationship with Mary Hart (Trueheart) that produced one son, Petrol/Pedro/Petro. John died between Dec 1909 - 1910.


  1. The old will is interesting. It seems as if he assumed that his wife would not write her own will and that his will would also serve as her will when she died. I wonder if that was the common way of doing it back then.

    1. I have seen this type of will several times during my research, I think it was common.