Monday, August 25, 2014

Mad Men of Color

L to R: McKinley Winfield, Leroy Shephard and James Shephard
Leroy Shephard married paternal cousin Dora Overton.

I love the way my dapper Dans are dressed and groomed. They look like they walked off the set of Mad Men, all clean shaven with their white shirts, thin ties, suits, and hats.

Photograph courtesy of Shelia Easley
Taken in the 1960s, Detroit, MI


  1. I never saw Mad Men but they are lookin' good.

  2. You gotta love those sixties styles! My grandfather wore a hat like theirs-he never left the house without it!

  3. Linda,
    "It's Bond...James Bond."
    Black gent(s) style. In our black neighborhood EVERYBODY'S daddy wore that hat! Thanks!