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Richard Coleman of Caseyville, MS

Richard Coleman, daughter Alice, and wife Rosetta

Richard Coleman was born about 1855, raised on the Daniel Buie Plantation with his mother, siblings and several other slave families.

The Buie family were pious Presbyterians, considered plain, unpretending, honest, simple farmers who were not wealthy. The plantation was located in Caseyville, Copiah County, MS. Most of the Buie's slave population grew from within or from natural increase. They would purchase slaves as needed. Daniel Buie owned 83 slaves when he died in 1862, which would classify him as a planter.

Lucinda was Richard's mother. She was born about 1820, maybe, in Virginia. Lucinda stated in a deposition that she was the slave of Daniel Buie since the age of 13, since the mid 1830s. By the time she gave the deposition in 1881, she was known as Old Aunt Lucy. Richard's father was Cupit Coleman who lived on the neighboring plantation of Dougald McMillan. Cupit was valued at $600 on the 1865 inventory and appraisal of Dougald McMillan's property.

Lucinda and Cupit had a dozen or more children. Several were named on Daniel Buie's 1862 inventory list. Richard was a boy appraised at $400.

He was still living with his parents in 1870, married by 1880 to Rosetta Irvin/Erwin.

Richard and Rosetta's children were:
Clarence b. about 1877, married Nellie Markham (my grandaunt)
Sarah b. about 1875, married Thomas Hartley
Richard b. about 1879, married Martha A Dixon
Norris b. about 1881, married Pinkie Henderson
Mary b. about 1881, married Daniel Hilliard
Norah b. about 1884
Emily born about 1887
Liza born about 1888
David b. 1889, married Bettie Sartin, child with Della Wallace
Rosetta b. about 1890, married David Brewer (my 2nd cousin 1x removed)
Letha b. about 1893, married L T Thomas, child with Ellis Johnson
Fannie b. about 1895, married Minor Herring
James b. about 1897
Dock b. about 1898, married Luna Herring
Alice b. about 1900, married Nathaniel Henderson and Archie Hilliard, Jr (my 2nd cousin 1x removed)

Richard lived a quite life as a farmer and preacher. He died 01 Jul 1927 in Caseyville of heart and kidney disease. Rosetta died after 1930.

Image Courtesy of Gertha Hilliard Williams and Alice Hilliard Young
Richard Coleman's 1927 Death Certificate


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