Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesday
Abram and Easter - 1854

Dr Walter Wade recorded in his journal events that occurred on the Rosswood Plantation in Redlick, Jefferson County, Mississippi, between 1854-1865. Dr. Wade did small drawings throughout the journal which included a drawing of slaves Abram and Easter in their wedding attire.

Shopping for the wedding was done in Natchez. The couple married August 5th 1854 on a Saturday nite. They were likely married by High Peter who was recorded in the journal marrying another slave couple. A wedding supper was held for the couple.

On an inventory and assessment of the Negro property in Oct 1861, Abram was valued at $700, age 37; Easter who had one eye was valued at $400 and she was 21 years of age. The couple had a daughter Olivia who was 3 months old, valued at $50.
Journal of Rosswood Plantation, Redlick, Jefferson County, MS, by Dr. Walter Wade
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Microfilm Number: 3882
Inventory and Appraisement of Slaves on the Rosswood Planation - 1861

Researched the census records to see if I could find the family in the 1870 census. I believe I found Easter and Olivia living in Jefferson County. Easter O'Quin was born in SC, 36 years old, Olivia was 9, and three more children were in the household: Frank, male Olivia, and August. In 1880, the family was using Johnson for a surname. Ester Johnson, age 40, born in SC, was in the household with children: Frank, August and Ida.

Olivia Johnson married Stephen Sidney 24 Jan 1878, in Jefferson County, MS.


  1. Are they related to you? I would love to find a journal from the plantations my ancestors were enslaved on.

  2. Kristin, No, they are not related. While reading the journal from the area my ancestors lived, this couple reached my heart. I hope their descendants find them so they can be remembered.

  3. Linda I love your work. I also have a diary of one of the Slave holding families but have loaned to my nephew but I do know there are drawings. Am anxiously waiting for its return. thanks for all you do.

  4. forgot to put my name there....Toni

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