Monday, November 19, 2012

Amanuensis Monday
Professor Phillip D Gullage's Slave Narrative

Professor Phillip Davenport Gullage is the gentleman on the top row. He was the principal of the Brookhaven Colored High School. This photograph was taken in 1931, the last graduating class of the school.

Professor Gullage's Slave Narrative

Prof. Phillip Davenport Gullage was born Simpson County Dec. 16th 1854 the community of Gum Springs on plantation of Mr. Will Gullage. At the age of 11 until 1872 he resided in Rankin County. His early education was received in Hazlehurst and Brandon and later attended summer normal schools at Tougaloo, Miss. He began teaching in 1877, at Little Rock, 7 miles from Hazlehurst. In 1891 he came to Brookhaven as Principal of the negro High School which place he held for 42 years. Owing to his advanced age he was replaced by a younger man but since has been teaching an adult class of the W.P.A. program. Gullage has been a very outstanding negro in his line of work. Very instrumental in securing Summer Normals for negroes in Brookhaven.
Slave Narratives - Mississippi - Federal Writers Project

On a previous post, those in the photograph were identified.
Photograph Courtesy of
Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library
100 S. Jackson St
Brookhaven, MS 39601

Professor Gullage was the son of Wisdom Gullage and Parthenia Reed.
Professor Gullage married Martha J Overton 26 Dec 1878 in Copiah County, MS.
Their children were: Queen Esther, Newaline, Blanche, Claudius, Dewitt, and Luther.
Queen Esther married Inzeay "N Z" Jones, 04 Jun 1914, in Lincoln County, MS.
Blanche married Beny F Smith, 20 Mar 1912, in Lincoln County, MS.
Professor Gullage died, 02 Jan 1943, in Chicago.


  1. I love this photograph. I used to drive through Rankin County on the way from the Mendenhall area to Jackson and Gum Springs sounds familiar but I don't remember anything specific about it. I'll have to ask my husband.

    1. Sometimes these small rural communities are not memorable unless you have direct contact. The main focus is usually a store with gas pumps, homes and churches that blend from one community to the next.

    2. I just looked at a map and Gum Springs Road was right across Hgwy 49 from St. John Rd, which is where I lived. So I think I must be thinking of that.

    3. Gum Springs Rd may lead to the community.

  2. Even though I've never been to Mississippi, your description makes me think of other small rural communities that I'm familiar with--they have gas pumps, homes and churches (plus usually one or two other small businesses--an auto repair shop, or a beauty shop, or a diner or tavern.)

    1. ...and the small business is attached to the residence.