Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Mary Ephraim Bryant

Mary born about 1877 in Union Church, Mississippi, died after 1940
Daughter of Tuck Ephraim and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Thompson
Wife of Henry Keys Bryant
Mother of Robert John, Christine, Henry G, Brynetta, Leslie J, and Pauline

Mary's sister Ardella married my mother's 1st cousin once removed Willie Henderson.
Photograph Courtesy of Anthony Neal, Sr


  1. She looks at the camera so seriously.

  2. She was the serious type. I was told she wore long dresses all of her life because she thought her legs were too big.

  3. i also have big legs. mr.ephriam's mother was a gaines i believe i read that somewhere. my last name is gaines also and our legs are big no matter how small you

  4. Tucker Ephraim's mother was Amanda Gains, born about 1835, died in 1935. They were from Union Church, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Were your Gaines from Mississippi?