Monday, March 11, 2013

Amanuensis Monday
Ellis Freeman - Traffic Death

Hit and Run Truck Sought after Fatal Accident to Negro

Ellis Freeman, 71, negro janitor with the Mississippi Baptist Board for the past 27 years was fatally injured early Tuesday morning when struck by a hit and run truck.

Freeman was discovered lying on the ground at North Mill and Fortification streets by police who had been summoned to the scene. Although completely paralyzed and bleeding severely, Freeman was able to give police a few details of the accident.

He said he was en route to work when a truck driven by a negro and occupied by several negroes came along, hitting him. He was knocked to the ground and the wheels of the truck passed over his body.

The truck did not stop but drove away hurriedly. The injured negro was rushed to a local hospital where he died a few hours later. The truck had no tail light and a tarpaulin arched over the back.

Freeman's home is at 173 West Fortification Street and his death was the fourth traffic fatality for the city this year.

Ellis was the son of Pat Freeman and Sophia Irving/Irwin
Husband of Ellen McDaniel
Father of Cora, Daisy, Barbara, Garfield, James, Douglas, Susanna, Luberta, Estell, and Mandy
Per census records, he was born about 1862, likely near Caseyville, then Copiah County, MS

Ellis was a relative of cousins.

Article from Jackson Daily News
September 25, 1945


  1. That's pretty sad. I wonder how many fatalities there are going to be this year in Jackson, MS.

    1. I don't know the number but there are a few a year.

  2. It's always so sad then a pedestrian is hit. It seems like I see articles in my local paper way too frequently about people being hit while walking. (I always think that I need to be very careful when I cross the street.)

    1. I don't feel safe walking in my neighborhood. We had speed bumps but those were removed because folks complained of car damage. Duh, you are driving to fast.

  3. So sad. I cringed when I read the part about the tires passing over him. Terrible way to go.

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