Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ida Mae McCallum Sartin
Wordless Wednesday

1902 - 30 May 1931
Daughter of Henry and Cora Coleman McCallum
Wife of Edmond Sartin
Mother of Irene, Beatrice and Robert Earl Sartin
Ida Mae was my mother's 2nd cousin.

Wordless Wednesday - Cora Coleman McCallum
Wordless Wednesday - Brother and Sisters
Photograph Courtesy of the late Beatrice Sartin Wilson
Daughter of Edmond and Ida Mae McCallum Sartin


  1. Every time I visit I am delighted with the photos you have of your family. So many of them are so well preserved. Lovely!

  2. Wonderful photo. She has amazing eyes.

  3. She looks both firm but ready to smile. Very nice photo.

  4. My stepfather for the past 44 years has been Robert Earl Sartin. My email is

  5. Hi,
    My name is Cheri Houston and I am the granddaughter of Irene Sartin. I would love to hear from you.