Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dora Hudson Calcote

Recently, I started working on the Calcote family of Lincoln County, MS. A group of my cousins descend from Willis Richard Calcote born about 1868, and his wife Mary Cook. Willis and his wife had several children including a son, Daniel Calcote, who married Dora Hudson, daughter of Lincoln and Emma Johnson Hudson.

The public library in Brookhaven, MS, has a nice collection of old photographs taken by John H Williams. I like looking through the boxes of photographs and from their Flickr page where the pictures are being scanned.

The copy of the photo was made for Minnie Hudson Calcote. A note was added to the picture from Molly Carruth Mandel who identified the picture as Dora Calcote, via Minnie's daughter Carrie Lee Calcote Magee. Minnie was Dora's sister; Minnie married Richard Calcote, Jr., who was also a son of Willis and Mary.

Daniel and Dora's children were Lucille, Ada, Ernest, Daniel, Jr., and Louis. In Oct 1929, Dora gave birth to a stillborn daughter. Dora died less than a year later, 22 Jul 1930.

Photograph Courtesy of Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library
100 S. Jackson St
Brookhaven, MS 39601


  1. A beautiful photo and a sad story. Looking at the birth certificate it looks like she died during another pregnancy of Eclampsia and only 34 years old. Leaving all those little children.

    1. Thank you for helping with the cause of death because I had no idea what it was.

  2. Dora Hudson was my grandmother. Her daughter, Lucille, is my mother. My mother will celebrate her 95th birthday November 23rd.

    I have a copy of the picture of grandmother Dora. Do you have another picture of her? That picture is the only one that I have ever seen of her.

    Are you related to Daniel Calcote (my grandfather)? Are you and I related? Please contact me so that we can "talk", my email address is ellenbeard23@gmail.com. I AM EAGER TO HEAR FROM YOU

    1. Happy birthday to your mother. She shares her birth month with me. Will contact you through your personal email address.

    2. Victor B Payton November 22,2013
      Dora Hudson Calcote was my great grandmother and her daughter Lucille Calcote Beard is my grandmother she will be 95 Nov23,2013 this is amazing

    3. Happy birthday, Mrs Beard. May you have many more.

  3. My mother(Lucille Beard Calcote) passed away at age 97, on April 2, 2016. She was the daughter of Dora Hudson Calcote, and Daniel Ebinezer Calcote (Daddy Dan). Mama told us that she was was only 11 yrs. old when her own mother passed. She told us of how she came home from her mother's funeral and discovered her father, Daniel Calcote (Daddy Dan) sitting with his hands covering his face and crying about the loss of her mother. Mama said that although she was grieving as well, it really hurt her to see her father grieving so hard. Mama said that she knew what she had to do. She immediately pulled off the dress that she wore to her mom's funeral, went into the kitchen and tried to cook for her younger siblings, her dad and herself. She said that She recalled a lady coming by the first few weeks after her mom passed to taste the food that she was trying to prepare, and instructed her whether or not she needed to add more seasoning, or just start over. Mama said that after a few weeks went by, the woman came by one day, tasted the food, looked at Mama and said "it's just right". Mama said that the lady never came back after that as she had completed her mission. Mama said that was the start of her cooking and taking care of everybody. When I was around the age of 5, Mama and daddy also took in four of Mama's younger siblings after her dad's second wife passed. Those siblings ranged in ages similar to her own nine children. At some point, She cooked and cared for a household of 15 people. I never heard her complain!