Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday
Nandina Bush in the Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery
Jackson, MS


  1. It looks more like Nandina than Holly. Holly has pointy, shiny leaves that aren't shaped like those. I've got lots of holly in my yard and a bit of Nandina too. Looks beautiful though.

    1. When it comes to this bush, I am like some folks who can't tell the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce. My mother had a pointy, shiny leaves holly bush in her yard, and I had the one pictured in my yard. I like learning something new.

    2. One of my daughters works with a Park group and she was always pointing out invasive plants in my yard. I think that is pretty much the only plants I have in my yard! And that's how I learned what this bush was.