Sunday, March 2, 2014

Country Churches of Learned, MS

My people came from communities in Mississippi, very small rural communities, which consisted of a country store, churches and homes. I imagine their community would have been similar to the village of Learned, MS. Mississippi is part of the bible belt, no matter the size of the community the major Christian denominations are represented, and so it is with Learned.

Per the 2000 census, the demographics were 50 people, 22 households, and 17 families residing in the town. The racial makeup of the town was 82.00% White and 18.00% African American. Wikipedia

Learned United Methodist Church
Established 1892

Presbyterian Church of Learned

Learned Baptist Church

Old Country Store of Learned, MS


  1. I remember the numerous churches when I lived in Simpson County, MS. So many roads had small churches. St. John's Baptist was right down the road from our house.

    1. Simpson County is well represented of rural Mississippi and there is almost a church on every corner in the urban areas of Mississippi.

  2. Linda, I love this post. I wonder if these congregations are still viable? Do you know which one (if any) is black? Thanks.

    1. Saundra, I don't know anything about these particular congregations. The buildings and grounds are well kept and two of the churches have additions. I assume they are still viable. The rural churches in Copiah and Lincoln counties that my grandparents attended are still active, small congregations but still active..