Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bethel Presbyterian Church
circa 1845

The original congregation of the Bethel Presbyterian Church started in 1826 under the direction of Dr Jeremiah Chamberlain, constructed this Greek Revival building in the mid 1840s. On the interior, ornamentation is completely lacking. Renovations have occurred over the years and the original slave gallery was removed.

The Buie slave owning families of my Markham family were Presbyterians. They lived in Copiah, Franklin, Jefferson, and Lincoln Counties, MS, neighboring counties to Claiborne County.

The church is located near Port Gibson, MS.


  1. What is that little building on top of the entry way? Was that related to the slave gallery?

    1. Could be, but I am not sure. The day I visited, the church was not open. I looked through the windows and wondered about the location of the slave gallery.