Sunday, October 12, 2014

Added a Steeple to Providence Baptist Church

Providence Baptist Church
HWY 28
Copiah County, Mississippi

Providence was one of the churches my paternal family attended in rural Copiah County, Mississippi. My branch of the family left the area beginning in the early 1950s. The church was mentioned often and they would go back when they could, especially for funerals. Stopping by for a quick visit to a place where change is slow, is comforting now that the family members of my youth are gone.

Improvements have arrived at Providence. A steeple has been added and there is a new tin roof and porch, and fresh paint. The building looks more like a church and is easier to notice on the rural highway. I suppose my paternal aunts and uncles would like the new look and the grandparents wouldn't recognize the place.

Change is good.


  1. Architecturally, it is amazing what raising the porch roof line and adding the porch did to open up the building and make it look more welcoming. The glass doors are like opening eyes, too. I would agree with you, it's is a nice change.

    1. Someone put some thought into the latest improvement.

  2. It was a nice improvement! A steeple always makes a building look like a church, but the best part is that this church building is loved and given attention by its worshipers!