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The Richard Rembert Family

Eight years after the end of the Civil War, Richard Rembert was named as one of the trustees on a 1873 deed for the New Zion Baptist Church.

Richard and his family were the slaves of John Rembert in Copiah County, Mississippi, near Hazlehurst.

John Rembert was a prosperous slave owner who owned 62 slaves at the time of his death in Feb 1858. Those slaves were allotted to his children, less than a year after his death, in January 1859.

Richard and his family were in Lot 1. They went to John's daughter Amelia Rembert Grandberry. She was the wife of Benjamin F Grandberry who was also a slave owner.

Lot 1
Dick, Charlie, Alcinda and child (Cherry), Margaret, Fed, Posh, Jane, Klavia

The values placed on the individuals in lot 1 from John's 1858 inventory and appraisement listing were as follows: Dick $1400; Charlie $1400; Alainda and child Cherry $900: Margaret $300; Fed $300; Poash $1300; Jane $1100.

Richard and Alcinda legalized their marriage 10 Jul 1870.

The Rembert household of 1870 consisted of Richard, 45 - Cinda, 40 - Ann, 15 - Cherry, 14 - Fred, 13 - Cuff 43, and twenty years old James, all born in Mississippi. Cuff's age suggest he may be a brother to Richard or Cinda but more research is needed to confirm relationship. Cuff was also named on the inventory listing. No one in the household could read or write. By 1880, Richard and Cinda had one child living with them, 24 year old Fred and his wife Hannah, 19. Richard was 56 and Cinda hadn't aged, she was still 40. They farmed for a living.

Richard purchased land from E Millsaps in 1874 and the family farm was productive.

Richard and Alcinda disappeared from the 1900 census. Alcinda was found in 1910, a 72 year old widow, living alone. She lived next door to my great grandparents Washington and Mary Marshall in Copiah County. Alcinda shared with the census worker she had given birth to three children, one living. She also shared she could read and write. Alcinda died 11 Feb 1917.

How does the Rembert family connect to my family?
Fred Rembert, son of Richard and Alcinda, sold land to my great grandfather Washington Marshall.

Rembert Marriages (Copiah County, Mississippi)
Richard Rembert married Alcinda Rembert 10 July 1870
Maggie Rembert married Frank Calhoun 02 May 1872
Cherry Rembert married Henry Jackson 06 Sep 1872
Fred Rembert married Hannah Sinclair 30 Jul 1879

Additional Sources:
1880 Copiah County Agricultural Schedule
Copiah County Deed - Book 9 - Page 283


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  2. Oops! I accidentally deleted my post. Sorry about that sis. Excellent research presenting your family's connection to the Rembert Family! Whenever I read one of those old deeds where our ancestors are given a monetary value right along with the furniture heart aches.

    1. On some records, you need to pay close attention because beneath the names of the ancestors are placed the horses and mules with names.

  3. I, too, was shocked about putting a value on a human life. How sad that they accepted that practice and others. But what interesting research that comes from the census!

    1. The census records are interesting with tidbits about the family, such as military service, home ownership, etc.

  4. Placing a monetary "value" on a human being dehumanizes and devalues the appraiser more so than the "appraised". And they considered themselves "civilized"? Not at all! Disgusting, but socially accepted, expected and practiced widely. Keep on educating!

    1. Thanks Sandra. I plan to keep on keepin' on.

  5. Despite the horror of monetary value being placed on our ancestors and their neighbors, it's always a blessing to find their names and relationships and get another piece of their lives.

    1. I have a few ancestors I would love to see in documents prior to 1865.