Friday, May 19, 2017

Unwritten Law is Negro's Defense

Early Morning Tragedy on Union St. - Irate Husband Kills Darktown Lothario

Bob or Robert Barnes, 23-year-old negro, was shot and killed by Leslie Guyzer, negro, over 35, when Guyzer, a fireman at the local power plant, discovered him in Guyzer's home on Union Street, early this morning. After killing Barnes, Guyzer sent his son to tell Chief of Police J. H. Case that he had "killed a fellow out there, and wanted to give up."

(unreadable)., when the boy delivered the message. Chief Case found the body lying partly on the street and partly in the yard where Barnes is said to have run after being shot in a room of the dwelling and leaping through a window. The weapon used was a shotgun and a single charge of buckshot was fired. Guyzer's wife had disappeared and only Guyzer and the two boys were there when the officer arrived.

Guyzer's family troubles had been reported by him to both the chief and Sheriff Grice within the past 30 days. At one time his wife had left him and gone to Hattiesburg but there had been by reconciliation and Guyzer had expected never to see Barnes on his premises again.

Chief Case turned the prisoner over to Sheriff Grice.

Guyzer was lodged in jail and will probably have a preliminary hearing before Justice J. E. Barrim Monday.

What is a Lothario? According to the Urban Dictionary, in the play "The Fair Penitent" (1703), by Nicholas Rowe, Lothario is the character that seduces and betrays Calista. In today's language, a Lothario would be a player, ladies' man or womanizer.

Robert was the son of Robert Barnes, Sr., and Carrie Markham, born in 1905, in Lincoln County, Mississippi. He married Idella Howell in 1922, in Lincoln County, Mississippi. He died from a gunshot wound 5 Jun 1925.

Robert Barnes Compensated $30 from Illinois Central Railroad

How is Robert connected to my family?
Robert's mother Carrie Markham was the daughter of Newton Markham and Jane McCoy.
Newton and my great-grandfather, Monroe Markham, were brothers.


  1. Ahh, so you were related to the Lothario.

    1. LOL, yes, I am related to the Lothario.

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