Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Interest in Your Community

John Robert Bryant
During Reconstruction, Cousin Robert Bryant worked as an election manager. He was interested in the welfare of his community, was a successful farmer, and owned a good home. He reared a family of good citizens and he believed in education. It was required that at least one manager on an election committee be a Republican. Cousin Robert was of the party of Lincoln. However, his ticket was often intercepted, and was always found to be for the Democratic candidates.

Today, when I cast my vote, I will be thinking of Cousin Robert and the ancestors.

Robert was the son of John Coleman Bryant and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bryant. Robert was born about April 06, 1850, and raised in Veto, Franklin County, MS, on the John McDaniel's farm where he, his mother Elizabeth and siblings were slaves.

Information from Slave Narrative of Robert Bryant
Photograph Courtesy of Joyce Coleman Johnson


  1. Perfect post for election day!

  2. Yes this is a perfect election day post. Sorry Cousin Robert didn't get to see his vote count but glad we can.