Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Tuck Ephraim

Tuck was born about 1860, died 13 Sep 1929.
Son of Amanda Gaines
Husband of Elizabeth Thompson
Father of Mary, Revella, Bula, Versie, Smilie, Ovie, Bettie, Arvester, Hettie, Bernice, Annie, Arveld, and Ardella

Husband of May Ross
Father of Mae Artice, Arthur, Sinester, Percy, and Beatrice
Photograph Courtesy of Andrew and Terri Lyke


  1. So he had 18 children, mostly girls it looks like.

  2. Yes, females rule on this branch of the tree.

    The second wife was 30 years younger. When he died, the second wife buried him next to the first wife.