Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tenant Farmers on Durr Farm

James Pearly Scott, Jr., with mule in Caseyville, MS
Benjamin Durr, fellow researcher of Caseyville, MS, shared with me the names and notes of people who were tenants on his father's farm in Caseyville during the 1930s and 1940s. To my surprise, most were related to me.
  • Walter Scott- moved to purchase his own farm.
    Walter married Susie Mae Smith. Walter was a 1st cousin once removed of my mother. James Pearly, in the above photograph, was Walter's brother.

  • Perry and Kathaleen Thomas - Kathaleen was the farm's doctor. She delivered me (Benjamin Durr).
    Perry married Kathaleen Sartin.

  • Walter and Pinky Henderson-moved to purchase a home in Brookhaven.
    Walter married Pinkie Markham who was my mother's 1st cousin once removed.

  • Stanley Tyler and wife Willie Mae Thomas, daughter of Perry and Kathaleen Thomas

  • Gilmore Banks married Ada Beth Henderson, daughter of Walter and Pinky Henderson.
    Gilmore Banks was a second cousin of my mother.
    Ada Beth Henderson was a second cousin of my mother.

  • E.L. Holloway and Ethyl - E.L. had the first black gospel quartet on radio in Brookhaven

  • Buster and Christine Markham – Jeannette Coleman, the lady you met in Brookhaven having breakfast with us was their daughter.
    Virgil "Buster" Markham married Christine Holloway. Virgil was my mother's 1st cousin.

  • Anthony Washington and wife ?
    From the 1920 and 1930 census, Lincoln County, MS, Anthony's wife name was Lula.

  • Walter Ransfer and wife?
    From the 1930 census, Lincoln County, MS, Walter's wife name was Alice.
Photograph Courtesy of James Scott

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