Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tougaloo Nine

Geraldine Edwards Hollis, one of the Tougaloo Nine, attempted to integrate the public library in Jackson, MS, March 27, 1961. Maternal cousin Meredith Coleman Anding, Jr., was one of the nine. Their actions triggered the civil rights movement in Jackson.

The next post will be my final post (if I don't find additional relatives in files) on the Sovereignty Commission, which will discuss the commission investigation of the nine, their college and college president.

Listen to Mrs Hollis in her own words concerning the sit-in.

Mrs Hollis speaks of growing up in segregated Mississippi.
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  1. These are excellent videos. We lived in Simpson County, MS when my kids were small and I used to take them to that library in Jackson. This was in the mid 1970s so it was all integrated by that time. Great series you have been doing!