Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting to Know Them

Last summer I surveyed the cemetery of Greater New Zion MB Church, hoping to know my paternal family better. I grew up with my paternal family and felt comfortable that I knew a great deal about their family history. Once I began serious research, I realized how little I knew. By the time of my realization, Dad, Grandma Gert, Uncles Junior and Ike, Aunts Anna, Alice and Rosie were all gone. This past week I have met a wonderful group of cousins from my Demyers side of the family. Meeting them has open new opportunities of research I will pursue.


  1. The best of luck to you in finding more information about this branch of your family. It is indeed a blessing when we are able to meet and communicate with newly found relatives.

  2. Newly found cousins are a wonderful find. There is so much to learn and we all have little pieces we have to put together to get the whole picture.

  3. Previously unknown cousins are wonderful to find. I hope they have many stories and facts to share with you that will fill many spaces in your family tree.