Thursday, September 10, 2020

Husband and Wife are both my Cousin

 I knew he was a paternal cousin but I did not know his wife was also my cousin until I saw her obituary.

Goldie's mother, Ida Henderson, was the granddaughter of Viola Buie Henderson. Viola was a sister to my 2nd great grandfather James Markham. Goldie was a maternal cousin. 

Henry's mother, Bettie Demyers, was the great granddaughter of Lawrence Demyers. Lawrence and my 2nd great grandmother Alice Demyers Overton Usher were siblings. Betty was a paternal cousin.


  1. I don't have any cousins married to cousins, that I know of. But one of my paternal cousins married a nephew of our aunt's husband. So, my two cousins' children are double cousins.

  2. Linda, These interfamily relations run on both sides of my family. I Have a sister and a paternal aunt who married brothers. Great uncles that married sisters of another family and it gets quite confusing when doing research!