Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday
The Nathaniel Thomas Family
circa 1960

Nathaniel, Jr., Annie Mae Scott Thomas, Lorraine, Martina, Zettie, Nathaniel Thomas, Sr., and Calvin Thomas, cousin to the family

Photograph courtesy of Nathaniel Thomas, Jr.
The children and I share the same 2nd great grandfather, James Markham.


  1. What a nice family photo. More families should take group photos like that. Looking at it, I wonder where they all went in their lives.

    1. I too like the family group photo and wish more families did this. The children are all well living in Joliet, IL. The father died in 1975, the mother is alive living near her children. I see Nathaniel, Jr., once year when he comes to Mississippi to do genealogy and cemetery research...It is probably difficult for the parents to keep children this age all neat and clean. Nathaniel, Jr., says he had gotten a spanking for playing in the dirt before taking this picture.

  2. I also like group photos--and once every few years try to get my family together for one.