Friday, April 22, 2016

Doshia Ebbs Fair's Death Record
Friday Furnace Findings

Researching a paternal great grandmother, Jane Furnace born about 1860, to discover her parentage and additional information about her life.

How does she connect to my family tree?
Doshia's mother, Barbara Furnace, may be a sister to my great grandmother Jane Furnace Overton.


  1. It's always so interesting to see death certificates and other actual documents. It somehow really draws me into the story of the person's life. On Doshia's death certificate, I couldn't quite read the handwriting well enough to figure out the cause of death. Were you able to figure out what it said?

    1. It was mitral stenosis - mitral stenosis means that the valve cannot open enough. As a result, less blood flows to the body. The upper heart chamber swells as pressure builds up. Blood and fluid may then collect in the lung tissue (pulmonary edema), making it hard to breathe.

      In adults, mitral stenosis occurs most often in people who have had rheumatic fever. This is a disease that can develop after an illness with strep throat that was not properly treated.

  2. I have seen that cause of death and never looked it up. It sounds pretty bad way to go. But there are so many.

  3. Looks like the d/c says she last worked in '34, but she died in '37. She must been in GREAT distress. I'm an asthmatic, and can only imagine how she must have felt...

  4. Without modern medical interventions, she likely fought hard to breathe.

  5. Are you ever going to update family obituaries, I have learned a lot from looking at them.